The Foundation for Climate Restoration is proud to host the youth-led Youth Leaders 4 Climate Restoration (YL4CR) program for bold youth leaders (age 13-24) to obtain their certification in learning, speaking, and teaching about climate restoration. Upon completion of this 12-week program, participants will be eligible for a certification of Junior or Senior Certified Climate Restoration Advocate.

In addition to quality training, large speaking platforms, and opportunities to teach their peers, our youth will also have access to distinguished internship and scholarship opportunities with F4CR and our partners. This distinctive program will provide participants with a competitive edge in job and college applications.

Applications are currently active for Cohort #4

Please note, applications open every five weeks and are limited to those aged 13-24. Please check back soon if the application is not currently active.

YL4CR World Tour

F4CR’s Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration World Tour is a monthly event featuring countries around the world to discuss international climate restorative efforts. Each webinar in the series will serve as a large speaking opportunity for participants of the Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration program, allowing the Youth Leaders to lead segments and speak to an audience. The World Tour Webinars will cover the climate situation, climate restorative practices and policies, climate change efforts in context to social justice, and any other interesting information about the country featured that month.


YL4CR Testimonials

I believe I grew the most in terms of my speaking and refining information abilities. Although I already knew a lot of the background climate information, having to teach others about the skills and things I learned was very rewarding and a somewhat intimidating task that was very gratifying in the end. I felt like I grew a tremendous amount, especially having to talk and coordinate with people from the other side of the world. My communication skills improved greatly and I am extremely glad I completed and participated in the program.

It was a really satisfying experience because even though one of my fears was to speak in front of people and plus not in my native language, thanks to all the steps and the guidance that i received from my mentor i had the chance to defeat that fear and also learn new things that I’m really passionate about, another thing that I’m grateful for is the chance of meeting so many youth leaders from all around the world, it was nice to feel and to see that I’m not alone in this journey.

Just too much. To repeat in short, I had no knowledge about three climate actions, all I knew was mitigation and adaptation but thanks to the Foundation for Climate Restoration I learned about climate restoration and associated strategies, the amount of greenhouse in the atmosphere before industrial time and now, nature based solutions, current global temperature other important information from the extra resources. My public speaking skills got boosted and a lot of people have been complimenting me on that recently, I am grateful.

I have learned a lot about climate change, the three branches of climate activism and most importantly the climate restoration. Thanks for this great opportunity. I think this is a milestone in my journey as Climate Activists. I have long set up an NGO called Circular Vibes Network (CVNet), had my first webinar on climate action, started local campaigns etc. Thank you F4CR, YL4CR, Mentors, Focal Chapter and my amiable Cohort 1 mates.

The program was really helpful..I can boldly speak about climate change anywhere.. Besides, since I became a participant in this program, I have become way better during my speaking sessions here. My stage fright is gone because I always know what to do before going for a speak session and how to maintain my best self on stage and more. I now understand climate actions beyond mitigation and adaptation.

I thought that the program gave me a deeper understanding and knowledge about climate restoration, that I had little to no knowledge about before. I really enjoyed being able to share and educate others about the information that I learned in the program through our World Tour Event and my climate advocacy video.

After the program, I have a different view on climate advocacy, especially the need to support and promote restoration. I have again gained hope that we can actually restore our climate.

YL4CR Mentors

Name: Priya Dominic
Country: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation: Legal Practitioner


I am Priya Dominic from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am in the Legal Profession for over 5 years. I am the founder of APS LEGIS Climate restoration Awareness Center. The most interesting part about my career is that it deals with the growth of society directly. People’s Faith in the judiciary is based on legal practitioners’ and judges’ contributions to society’s growth and I am happy to be part of our judicial system.
As a Climate Restoration Mentor, I firmly believe that it is the individual duty to protect natural resources from being exploited by the greed of the few. It is our duty to create awareness of the impact of climate change and the importance of mitigation and restoration. Thus, being part of the foundation for climate restoration gives me the strength and support to reach out to people to create awareness on climate change and the importance of climate restoration and mitigation. It is achievable and it is possible by unity.

Name: Fithriyyah
Country: Pontianak, Indonesia
Occupation: Medical Student


I am an environment youth activist on climate change and marine debris issues since 2015. I was involved in many projects related to youth empowerment and environmental issues on the grassroots level. Currently, I am studying medicine and in the clerkship phase.

I established and led Seangle Indonesia Chapter Pontianak, which aims to educate people who live alongside the Kapuas River to stop littering and empowering youth to take action for a better environment. I am also taking part as a youth advocate in Youth Voices for Climate Action (YV4CA) campaign. I have spoken at the UNESCAP-UNDESA Asia-Pacific Stakeholder Webinar 2020 about marine plastic pollution and represent the youth in the Policy Consultation Forum of the Seoul Initiative on Green Growth (SINGG) 2021.

Moreover, I have been part of APFSD Youth Forum 2019 as a climate change panelist, bringing up river littering and how youth are saving the environment in my city. Now, I initiate and lead a project named Asia-Pacific Climate Project that promotes SDG 12-15 and provides an online platform for youth in Asia-Pacific to interact and engage in environmental issues.

Name: Ezekiel Nyanfor

Ezekiel Nyanfor is a 22-year-old Liberian youth climate activist, entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Director of the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA, a registered youth based NGO residing in the Republic of Liberia. He is a Leader of climate change activities including World Environment Day, World Earth Day and World Conservation Day. He hosted the first National Clean Air Day held in Liberia.

Notably, Ezekiel also runs an innovative program called Climate Daily Effects where every Friday of a week an African youth climate activist is featured to amplify their voices among others.

He is a Youth Ambassador of Earth Day Network under their campaign My Future My Voice with the theme: Restore Our Earth. Ezekiel was recently nominated as a Young Green Ambassador for the Climate in Africa 2020 Edition which was organized by Climate Change Africa Opportunities.

He is also a Senior Certified Climate Restoration Advocate with the Foundation for Climate Restoration(F4CR) and also the National Coordinator for ClimateScience, a UK based NGO focusing on climate education for all.

Some of Ezekiel’s work includes a poem in honor of Mother Earth, awareness campaigns on world migratory bird day. He hosted a summit on World Environment day under the theme: Stop Deforestation, bringing speakers together from different African countries.

He and his team hosted the first African Youth Conference on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change (AYCBCCC) in 2020 which was a virtual conference in partnership with Earth Day Network, Youth Go Green Africa, Eco-Brix, and Delreport under the theme: Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change the role of the African Youth in Post COVID-19.

Ezekiel also hosted the first National Clean Air Day (NCAD) held in Liberia on October 30 and November 27 2020, respectively.

Additionally, he was selected to represent Liberian youth during the Mock COP26, a youth-led initiative aiming to mobilize around the postponement of the 2020 Conference of the Parties (OP) and to show world leaders what an ambitious yet realistic and inclusive COP looks like.

“Whatsoever you do for mother nature be it small or big she will recognize you one day and she’s proud of you”.

Name: Katherine Cano Calderón
Country: Colombia
Occupation: Biologist and explorer of nature.


I’m Katherine Cano from Colombia, I’m currently 26 years old, and I’ve been in love with nature since I was a kid. Because of this, as the Lorax would say, I’m the guardian of the forest. That being said, I became a biologist in order to protect not only my beautiful hotspot of biodiversity, but also to protect the well-being of the Earth; our little pale blue dot.

Thanks to the program of Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration, I’ve realized the incredible power that we as the new generations have in our voices and our connections, because thanks to this process I’ve seen first hand how to connect with people from all around the world without setting a foot outside my home, all with the purpose of creating awareness towards the changes we need to implement in order to achieve carbon negative solutions for a greener and brighter future.