Catalyzing and Launching a Global Carbon Removal Partnership

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Carbon Removal: The Road to COP 26

June 2020

Thunderbird School of Global Management and the Foundation for Climate Restoration have joined forces to catalyze a global effort, the Global Carbon Removal Partnership (the Partnership), to accelerate deployment of urgently needed solutions at scale. Carbon removal refers to human-driven natural and technological approaches to taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequestering it for long periods of time, ideally 100 years or more. By leveraging the Fourth Industrial Revolution through a new, innovative global partnership, we intend to mobilize bold and transformative action to ensure the survival and flourishing of humanity.

Building on the inaugural Global Climate Restoration Forum held in the Trusteeship Council Chamber of the United Nations in September 2019, and the launch of a task force to build the Carbon Removal Partnership at the World Economic Forum in January 2020, and now as we live in an era of COVID-19 response and recovery to build back better, there is an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize a broad range of global stakeholders in support of the rapid scale-up of carbon removal actions: including businesses, financiers, governments, civic groups, faith-based groups, start-ups, social enterprises, certification systems, and policymakers around the world from the local to the international levels.

We believe a new Global Partnership on Carbon Removal that harnesses the collective capacities, resources, and creativity of stakeholders across the public, private, civic and academic sectors will be truly transformational. It will advance timely and critical local, national, and international policies, private sector investments and business opportunities, as well as citizen action that will rapidly accelerate carbon removal and storage action around the world.

For more information about the work of the Global Carbon Removal Partnership, please click here.

Global Carbon Removal Task Force Working Model

Vision: The Global Carbon Removal Task Force, which will formally transition to the Global Carbon Removal Partnership at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland in 2021, will convene and catalyze stakeholders worldwide to make political commitments, align strategic priorities, strengthen capacities, and foster innovation to remove and store carbon.

Proposed Objectives: The Global Carbon Removal Task Force and Partnership will be co-designed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Catalyze and mobilize committed constituencies (national/local governments, private sector, civic groups, youth-led movements, academia, and multilateral agencies) to join forces in a partnership to achieve the ambitious goal of restoring a safe and healthy climate for future generations. 
  • Establish specific time-bound, measurable goals and targets to ensure that we successfully return atmospheric CO2 to proven safe pre-industrial levels by 2050.
  • Develop and refine carbon removal strategies, typologies, and specific deployment criteria for solution types in/on the stratosphere, troposphere, land, oceans, and cryosphere. 
  • Catalyze partners to deploy carbon removal solutions with measures of impact and monitoring of safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, while driving advocacy to overcome political, policy, and regulatory bottlenecks. 
  • Harness data through modeling, sensors, and predictive analytics to guide deployment and monitoring of carbon removal solutions. 
  • Catalyze deployment of carbon removal research, demonstrations, and at scale implementation, leveraging the full capacities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Broker funding through traditional and innovative financing approaches for go-to market. 
  • Scale carbon removal solutions through market-driven approaches with catalytic support from governments and funding sources.


2020 Timeline

A participatory consultative process will be implemented at the global and regional levels during June 2020 through COP in Glasgow, UK in 2021. At COP26 in Glasgow, the Task Force will be formally transformed into an official Global Carbon Removal Partnership.

For more information contact Dr. Erica Dodds.