Local chapters broaden, accelerate, and amplify the climate restoration movement by working for climate restoration at the grassroots level.

F4CR’s local chapters are the engine behind our advocacy and education efforts. Local chapters bring climate restoration participation opportunities to their communities by hosting events; attending relevant community events; and connecting with local government representatives. They spread the word about climate restoration through presentations, op-eds, letters to the editor, social media posts, book clubs, movie nights, and more. They encourage their communities to join the climate restoration movement by passing climate restoration resolutions, letters of support, and outreach to F4CR leadership.

Find a chapter near you

F4CR has chapters in several regions, and we’re adding more throughout the year. Email the chapter leader to join the group. 


No chapter near you? Create a new one! We’ll walk you through it. Reach out to info@f4cr.org to get started.

Resources for Local Chapters

Take a look around here and the Resources page to find everything you need to know about climate restoration.

Key Info for Local Chapters

This document addresses the most important points for local chapters, including their purpose, requirements, and relationship to F4CR.

Vision of Local Chapters

This document explains the goals of the local chapter program in terms of advocacy, education, solutions, participation, and fundraising.

F4CR Organizational Information

This document outlines key information about F4CR, including its organization type, program areas, and where to send donations.

Laser Talks

These short “elevator pitches” focus on one specific topic and offer key statistics or metaphors to help you communicate about climate restoration. Practice them on your own or with your local chapter so you have the talking points in your back pocket.

Legislation for Climate Restoration

It’s important to know what legislation is out there regarding climate restoration. We’ve collected all the relevant information in one place for you. Be sure to study up and share this resource with your local representatives as appropriate.

Advocacy Guide

Are you new to advocacy? Learn all about how to engage with your representatives in this guide.

Criteria for Climate Restoration

Do you know the three key criteria for determining whether a solution is a good fit for climate restoration? Review this document to dive deeper.

Chapter Fundraising Event

Local chapters should plan to hold at least one fundraising event per year. This document will walk you through the planning process.

Community Event Ideas

Throughout the year, local chapters should identify opportunities to hold events in their communities and to join existing events with similar themes. Get ideas from this document.

How to write an Op-Ed

One great way to raise awareness about climate restoration is to write about it! Bonus points if you can get published in your local (or national!) news outlet. Learn all about writing an op-ed here.

Publicity Guide

A local chapter is only as big as its recruitment and communications. This publicity guide provides ideas for getting the word out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? Check these FAQs for answers. If you aren’t finding the answers you need, contact us for more information.