Foundation for Climate Restoration History

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR), a registered 501(c)(3) private foundation incorporated in November 2017, raises awareness of and commitment to restoring the climate. It was originally incorporated under the name 300×2050 Climate Restoration Foundation, Inc., and the name was changed in early 2018. It received its IRS determination letter in October, 2019.

Founder Peter Fiekowsky’s background as a citizen lobbyist with RESULTS for 30 years helped him to see that impossible human achievements happen all the time. As he began advising spinoff organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), he asked their leadership to clarify their end goal in their advocacy for a price on carbon. They didn’t have an answer, so he launched an initiative to determine an inspiring climate goal. He developed the goal of climate restoration through his work with CCL leadership and in consultation with dozens of thought leaders and climate scientists.

Peter’s tireless leadership with the Foundation brought climate restoration into the global consciousness and saw the introduction of climate restoration resolutions into the U.S. House, Senate, and counties, briefings of policymakers, and broad media coverage.

Summer 2019 launched a new phase for the Foundation, with the recruitment of a globally recognized leader as CEO and a highly experienced international team. Phase 2.0 of the Foundation was marked by the convening of the First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum at the United Nations and the release of our first white paper.

In 2020, F4CR has focused on developing an ecosystem for climate restoration to become a new global priority. F4CR convened its Second Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum as a virtual event with 850 registrants. The event included over 40 speakers from around the world and energized the growing climate restoration community. F4CR also began developing its grassroots base and launched pilot local chapters focused on raising awareness and driving participation in climate restoration, as well as a youth training program. Chairman Emeritus Peter Fiekowsky handed the seat of Board Chair to his wife and co-founder, Sharon Fiekowsky.